Construction Set On Auditorium, Science Labs In Bronxville

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An artist's rendering of the renovations of the Bronxville School District. Photo Credit: Contributed
The proposed plans for a construction zone outside of the auditorium at the Bronxville High School. Photo Credit: Contributed
The proposed construction zone at the Bronxville High School. Photo Credit: Contributed

BRONXVILLE, N.Y. – The Bronxville Board of Education has accepted bids from four contractors, who will begin construction on the long-awaited auditorium and science lab renovation next month.

In November, the State Education Department approved the district’s proposed $10 million renovation of the antiquated auditorium and science labs, marking the first overhaul since the 1960s. The Board of Education accepted bids last month, with the contracts being awarded to the lowest figure.

As many as 10 companies placed bids with district officials, hoping to oversee general construction, plumbing, electrical work, or the heating and air conditioning. Kenstar Construction ($4.2 million bid) will monitor construction, with Pearl River Plumbing ($342,772), Lippolis Electric ($1.4 million) and Mengler Mechanical (1.07 million) doing specialization work in their respective fields.

In all, the bids totaled $7.02 million, and an additional $2.1 million of the $10 million budget will be allotted for updated equipment, furnishings and landscaping. According to Superintendent David Quattrone, a work force will now be mobilized, and a construction zone will be established on the south side of the front lawn, closest to the old auditorium.

In May 2012, the Bronxville Board of Education approved the borrowing of $5 million through a bond referendum to support the $10 million project. Another $2 million will come from a construction reserve the district created in 2011. The final $3 million is coming from the Bronxville PTA, the Bronxville School Foundation and other private donors.

“In a building as old as ours, reinvestment is a required aspect to the strategic planning of the district,” Board President David Brashear said. “The board has weighed the facilities needs of the district, and we look forward to the completion of the project at hand.”

Demolition of the auditorium is slated to begin no later than Feb. 17; a week after the construction fencing will go up. The science lab demolition will begin over the summer while students are away on break. The new science labs should be completed by the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, while the auditorium should open up after February Break next year.

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Let's see how they do on yet another state school project. EVERY project, large or small, has gone way over budget/time and included a lawsuit of some shape or form. The little boiler room project - disaster. A concession stand! STILL not completed because none of these PAID architects and engineers figured out how to hook up a toilet. Pathetic. The Auditorium needs to be fixed - not sure if reinventing Carnegie Hall was prudent.

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