Legislator Ken Jenkins Announces Run For County Executive

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Ken Jenkins has announced he will run for Westchester County Executive in 2013.
Ken Jenkins has announced he will run for Westchester County Executive in 2013. Photo Credit: File

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – Ken Jenkins, chairman of the Westchester County Board of Legislators, made it official Wednesday: He's running for the post of Westchester County Executive.

The Yonkers Democrat was joined at the Crowne Plaza in White Plains by fellow elected officials, family and a crowd of supporters that chanted his name and waved signs reading “Ken Jenkins for Westchester.” 

State Assembly member J. Gary Pretlow got the crowd going, saying Jenkins is the right man to lead the county going forward.

“This county has gone through a regression in recent years,” Pretlow said. “Jenkins is about progression. He’s fought the good fight, and he will do a fine job as our next county executive.”

State Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins said Jenkins' candidacy offers a chance for a new beginning. 

“This is a new year, and we’re being presented with new opportunities,” she said. “This is why we’re here, for new leadership. Jenkins is always about making sure the voices that have been silenced are heard by everyone.”

Jenkins said he has seen the county degrade in recent years, with taxes and fees continuing to rise while citizens suffer the consequences of the current leadership.

“Your property taxes have continued to rise, your fees for county services have gone up while your quality of life has gone down,” he said. “Our county government is not doing more with less, it is doing less with less and shifting the burden to you in other ways.”

During his time in the legislature, Jenkins said, progressive health care contributions have been enacted and millions of tax dollars have been saved by refusing to outsource many county functions. He also led the court fight to keep parental share of childcare at 20 percent last year.

Jenkins said he cares more about the citizens of the county than about being politically popular.

“True to my values, I will stand right by myself than wrong in the crowd,” he said.

Jenkins' announcement brings to three the number of Democrats in the county executive race, with White Plains Legislator Bill Ryan and New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson trying to unseat Republican Rob Astorino.

“I see a Westchester where we will once again be the standard against which other county governments are measured,” Jenkins concluded. “I see a Westchester where our services will once again be nationally recognized and held up as examples to emulate.”

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Comments (15)

This guy is the LAST thing Westchester needs. He will ruin Westchester.

I'd love to know why you think so. Are you familiar with his accomplishments? The information given here is pretty vague.

This primary should be interesting.

This guy is the LAST thing Westchester needs. He will ruin Westchester.

Ugghhhh if he doesn't get his way, will he turn off the microphone and lights once again....Bramson will win the primary and lose to Astorino. Ryan not a chance.

Does he think that walking out on meetings where doesn't get his way qualifies him to be County Exec? This is one Democrat who will be voting for Republican Rob Astorino, Again!

Isn't this the same person that walked out on the budget meeting last month? Guess he wanted to keep his hands clean off the budget. Course, he could have done that by just voting against it.

What a crock this is! Mr. Jenkins has been part of the whole group for years--all of a sudden he can make changes??! He is trying to take credit for the exact things Rob Astorino implemented, i.e. health care contributions. He has been only politics from the get-go, Democrats against Republicans!!

Great. The guy who doesn't give a damn about tax payers, but is always fighting for the people who live off the government, will win the next election by getting all the votes from the people who live off the government.
Just like obama.....
If it was up to Jenkins, Westchester residents wouldn't only have the highest taxes in the country, we would have double the taxes of the next highest county!!!!!

is this a joke? How can Mr Jenkins keep a straight face and say that the county has degraded and property taxes and other county fees have gone up etc? He must be thinking about WC under Andy Spano and Bill Ryan's tenure.

Ken Jenkins and some members of the Democrat party in Westchester have done nothing but try and obstruct any changes to the tax and spend policies that, under Andy Spano and Bill Ryan, led us to deficits and the need to make cuts to begin with. They left Rob Astorino with a huge mess to clean up and he is doing fine job under the circumstances.

I support the re-election of Rob Astorino because if Ken Jenkins gets elected I will have to sell my home before my taxes go up again.

That is IF I can even sell my home.

If ever there was a time to REALLY watch what these guys have to say and promise to accomplish. The County of Westchester is in such a state of total disarray and chaos, we the people, MUST make good choices. Listen carefully! Both have records to check out so make sure you know how they've voted in the past. If you don't like their records, let them know!!!! Promises are not enough this year. We've learned that from our Washington Wanna-Be's

Ken Jenkins and Bill Ryan running for the Democratic nomination for Country Legislature can one imagine it! Is that the best the Democratic party can put out there. Two chairman who have made a mockery of the Westchester County Legislature

The circus begins.

Who cares! Hopefully the people of Westchester see right through what Ken Jenkins supposedly thinks he brings to the table for the people of Westchester. Another tax and spend Democrat on the few that pay for the masses.