Former NY State Senate Leader Bruno Acquitted On Fraud Charges

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WESTCHESTER, N.Y. -- Former State Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno was found not guilty of federal fraud charges on Friday, May 16, according to a report from The New York Times. 

The verdict put an end to a nearly decade-long legal battle, according to the report. Bruno was a former Westchester business consultant. 

“This system, it works; sometimes it’s slow but it works,” said Bruno, according to the report.  

Bruno "was one of the three most powerful politicians in the state until his resignation from the Senate in 2008 amid a gathering federal investigation that involved accusations of no-show jobs, a businessman seeking legislative help, and a large payment to Mr. Bruno for a horse of questionable value," according to the report. 

Click here to read the entire report from The New York Times.

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What a ridiculous waste of taxpayer money this was.