Astorino Wins Second Term As Westchester County Executive

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Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino is greeted by supporters at the Crowne Plaza in White Plains. Photo Credit: Danny LoPriore
Astorino accepts congratulations after delivering his victory speech. Photo Credit: Danny LoPriore
Astorino gives his victory speech to supporters. Photo Credit: Suzanne Samin
Astorino is surrounded by family and friends as he delivers his victory speech. Photo Credit: mscfairfield

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Incumbent Rob Astorino has won a second term as Westchester County Executive.

Astorino, a Republican, leads Democratic challenger Bramson 55 percent to 45 percent with 81 percent of precincts reporting.

"The people of Westchester have spoken today and I like what they said," Astorino told his supporters at the Crowne Plaza in Westchester in a speech that began at 10:55 p.m.

Astorino's victory for a second term capped an often contentious campaign that featured numerous verbal barbs.

Astorino thanked Bramson and also called New York City Mayor Elect Bill DiBlasio to congratulate him on his election.

"They say there are two New York's," Astorino said, "but there is just one Westchester. We have to focus on what brings us together.

"We have to find a balance between what we want and what we can afford. We have to get a grip on overspending and overtaxing."

Astorino's victory speech came moments after Bramson, the mayor of New Rochelle, conceded at the Westchester Hilton in Rye Town.

In other county-wide races, incumbent Tim Idoni holds a 53 percent to 47 percent lead over Mary Beth Murphy in the battle for county clerk with 81 percent of precincts reporting.

Democrat David Everett leads Republican Montgomery Delaney 60 percent to 40 percent in the race for County Court judge, also with 81 percent of precincts reporting.

District Attorney Janet DiFiore is running unopposed.

County Court Judge Kathie E. Davidson is also running unopposed.

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Comments (20)


Congratulations on both you and Corazon Pineda for your victories and prayerfully you both will be instrumental towards changing the direction of a district that lacks unity and truth, honor and integrity least of all fair and equitable treatment for one and all.

Now with Chuck Lesnick close friend to Peter Murray, Esq., principle owners of Kubasek Owners LLC/C&C Affordable Management LLC owning Kubasek Trinity Manor out along with Wilson A. Terrero possible quality of life and improved relations can be implemented; next to depart should be Mike Spano having no interest in supporting existing laws intended to protect the citizenry.

Congratulations on your expected victory!


I have been working since I was 12 years old. I live in a modest house that I can barely afford, still working 50-60 hrs a week. I am at the end of my rope with all these handouts that the government is supplying to the masses that think more children = more free money.

Where's my handout?!!

Best man WON. WEstchester has spoken! Congrats to Rob!


Tamara, jot down what is your big problem this day. Add 6 months to your childcare worries and they will be recalled as the good old days, a distant picnic. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.


Somebody's time server is not synced!!!!


Tamara. Is that all your worried about. Free daycare. .. we've come a long way baby!! Its about more that that unfortunately!!

Tamara Thomas:

I understand that! For me, that's what I am most concerned about at this point! It maybe different for you, but I didn't ask for your two cents anyway.


Maybe not two cents, but you are looking for a few bucks from the taxpayers to offset your child care costs. Bad planning on anyone's part should become a burden on others.
I am sorry for your plight. Hard working people are finding it difficult enough to support their own families and cringe when we look at all the taxes taken out of our pay checks.
As much as we wanted a family we realized we could not afford it and never once through our tough times looked to society to support our life style or irresponsible choices.

Tamara Thomas:

I am just going to pray with the many families whom NEED child care subsidies, that he will NOT take it away! I don't know how I will we will survive not getting paid enough money to cover child care expenses.

PR Integrity:

What happened to planning and saving to have children? Sorry, TT, but child care should NEVER be subsidized by others. If you and your husband can't care for children on your own then you ought to wait on having a family.
Herein lies an example of our national problem.

Rob Astorino is no monster because he believes in personal responsibility. That used to be the American way.

Tamara Thomas:

I might add that I also pay a fee every month, so its not that its free. Its a BIG help.

Tamara Thomas:

As for you I NEVER said he was a monster! Not everyone PLANS, before having children. See subsidy is HERE to help low income families. I have a full time job just don't make as much as YOU! I pay taxes just like YOU! The GOVERNMENT is who subsidizes it. It is here to help myself and other families like me!

Activist Bill:

TT, just who do you think is "the GOVERNMENT"? It's the working taxpayers! As for not planning before having children, that's a problem with personal responsibility, something that is lacking in too many millions of people who expect "the GOVERNMENT" to provide for them.

Activist Bill:

PR, you're 100% spot on with your comments, and I second everything you wrote. TT is an example of a person who lacks personal responsibility and wants the taxpayers to be the daddy for her children.

Tamara Thomas:

First off, I do work however, I do not make enough to fully pay for my childcare! I am a tax payer just like you all! The point is if childcare if cut off I just like other single parents, won't be able to work. Then you WILL be paying for me and my family. Not EVERYONE can afford childcare. So please know what you're talking about! Before judging me ACTIVIST BILL!

Activist Bill:

TT, you have given a very good reason why the welfare system should be whittled down to next to nothing. Yes, there are some people who really do need assistance, because of problems through no fault of their own, but for the vast majority, they are just parasites on an already overburdened system that only encourages people to continue with their irresponsible ways.


Best man won !!


it seems rather early for Bramson to conceed-with Astorino less than 10% ahead and less than a quarter of the votes in so far-what kind of half hearted challenge was that? ah well-more of the same old same old i guess-what wimp

Ralph Denardo:

His loss can in part be blamed on Clinton's endorsement ..

Activist Bill:

Clinton's endorsement was the "kiss of death" for Bramson's election.

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