Bronxville Police Greet Students After Newtown Shooting

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Bronxville Schools Superintendent David Quattrone said school officials will meet to evaluate and discuss possible changes to security Photo Credit: Paul Bufano

BRONXVILLE, N.Y. – Bronxville police have been out in greater numbers, teachers have been busy consoling students and officials have been discussing school safety in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., school shooting.

Gunman Adam Lanza killed 26 people, including 20 children, Friday morning at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. He then killed himself. Earlier he had killed his mother, bringing the toll to 28.

The Bronxville School was in touch with the village Police Department about what to do immediately after the shooting, said Bronxville Schools Superintendent David Quattrone.

"As a way of reassuring parents we had two police cars here greeting students this morning," Quattrone said Monday. "Many of the parents also walked their children to school today to make sure they felt safe. We addressed the shooting differently class by class. There was a brief assembly, a moment of silence and a time for the students to ask questions."

Spencer Cox, 16, was one of the many Bronxville students trying to make sense of the massacre.

"Everything that happened has really depressed me," Cox said. "It's hard to explain, because until you live through something like it, you're really not emotionally prepared for it. Some of our teachers have been trying to talk to us about the shooting, but it doesn't change what happened. I still think our school is safe and feel safe going in, but what can you really do?"

Bronxville resident Laura Dunckley said the government needs to step up to help stop gun violence.

"Why on Earth would a mother own assault weapons in a house with a son with issues?" Dunckley said. "The better question is, how was she able to obtain them? It's horrific, and the answers to these questions won't bring back the children who lost their lives. The only way things will ever change is if there's more action and discussion about gun control and about school safety."

School officials will meet to evaluate and discuss possible changes to security, Quattrone said.

"We have various safety elements at our school, including a driver's license scanner, to help ensure our students' safety," Quattrone said. "We have an ongoing safety committee that meets once a month, so at our next meeting I'm sure there will be various ideas and suggestions for how to make our school safer to help avoid such horrible tragedies."

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Although it's sad that Nancy Lanza was killed, she was responsible for bringing guns into the house and teaching her challenged son to use them. She reportedly said he was in such bad shape that she couldn't let him to to the bathroom by himself. And yet those guns were there.

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