Bronxville High Ranks 2nd in N.Y., 40th in U.S.

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Bronxville High School was ranked 40th among the 1,000 best public high schools nationwide, second statewide and fourth in the Northeast by Newsweek magazine. Photo Credit: Newsweek
Bronxville High School aced two of the six components in Newsweek's rankings: 100 percent of the students are graduating and college-bound. Photo Credit: File Photo

BRONXVILLE, N.Y. – Bronxville High School ranks 40th among public schools nationwide, second in New York and fourth in the Northeast, according to Newsweek magazine’s “America’s Best High Schools” report released this week.

With 100 percent of the students reportedly graduating and college-bound, Bronxville High aced two of six components that went into the magazine’s analysis.

“It demonstrates the long-term commitment our school district has to academic excellence,” school board Trustee Chris Atayan said upon hearing the news. “The ratings are just a reflection of how strong our curriculum and the support of the community is.”

The national ranking, however, dropped by two points from 38th in 2011.

“We’re pleased to be recognized and it’s nice to be praised, but it is only one set of measures,” said Schools Superintendent David Quattrone. “The ranking itself isn’t as important as the whole array of programs offered.”

“I am very proud of the works our students and teachers do and our excellence in other areas as well, such as with special education and helping students who struggle,” Quattrone added. “We are the school that we are for many reasons, and not the least of them is the parents who support us.”

For 2012, the average SAT score of Bronxville high students was 1,919; average ACT score was 28; number of advanced placement tests taken by students was 1.1; and the average student AP score was 3.5, according to the report.

The magazine awarded the school a score of 1.32 based on its own weighted methodology; by contrast the school that ranked first nationwide – The Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Bowling Green, Ky. – received a Newsweek score of 4.51. The leading school in New York – City Honors School at Fosdick–Masten Park in Buffalo – had a Newsweek score of 2.01.

Except for the number of AP tests taken, the current scores were higher across all categories. In 2011, the graduation rate was reported at 99 percent with 98 percent of graduates college-bound; the average SAT score was 1,891; and the average number of AP tests taken by graduates was 4.1. The Newsweek score was calculated as 1.10 in 2011.

Newsweek summarized that at the nation’s best 1,000 public schools, 91 percent of the graduates were accepted to college. The magazine noted that while 77 percent of those schools, including Bronxville High, have open enrollment, most of the high spots went to schools with selective enrollment. Of the top 10 schools in the rankings, seven were charter or magnet schools.

The magazine reported that all of the collected data was supplied by high school administrators. A complete listing of the rankings is available on the magazine’s website.

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