Scarsdale 'Pot Mom' To Be Released From Prison

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The Scarsdale pot mom was released on $500,000 bond.
The Scarsdale pot mom was released on $500,000 bond. Photo Credit: DEA

SCARSDALE, N.Y. – Andrea Sanderlin, the Scarsdale “Pot Mom,” is set to be released from prison on $500,000 bond.

According to published reports, the mother of three will be released on Tuesday after pleading not guilty last week in Brooklyn federal court.

The mother of three is charged with growing and trafficking $3 million of marijuana. She kept her ruse alive by telling people she was an interior designer or baby furniture saleswoman while she set up a front company called “Fantastic Enterprise” that was based in a Queens warehouse, police said.

Sanderlin faces up to a decade in prison and $10 million in fines on felony charges of manufacturing and possessing marijuana with intent to distribute and maintaining a drug-involved property.

Sanderlin rented a four-bedroom, five-bathroom home on Saxon Woods Road in the village, where she routinely kept large amounts of cash and books on money laundering and pot growing, police said.
The Drug Enforcement Agency got wind of Sanderlin's quiet operation after her friend and fellow Scarsdale resident Stephen Haberstroh was busted as part of another pot-ring in April, according to the report. Another suspect in that case talked to the feds about someone referred to as "Andi." Authorities started tailing Sanderlin, who they saw use large amounts of cash to buy items from a Brooklyn garden that authorities say could be used in a marijuana grow house.

According to reports, Sanderlin was compared to a Colombian drug kingpin when the indictment was announced.

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Comments (3)

Gee, she was already in prison, even before a trial? Used to be the suspect would be held in jail, and go to prison after being found guilty...

Jury nullification is a powerful tool. any jury member should always enter a verdict of not guilty. on any marijuana case, unless it involves a violent crime . no matter what the rest of the jurors enter, no matter how much a lawyer, prosecutor or judge tries to bully you into changing you verdict, NOT GUILTY will change these laws forever

Growing marijuana for personal use is one thing and should be legal. Running a large scale marijuana factory is another. This does nothing to help legalize it and maybe could slow it down.