Bronxville Felonies Down 31%, Violations Up 113%

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The number of reported felonies in Bronxville was 31 percent lower in 2012 than in 2011, according to Bronxville Police Department statistics. Photo Credit: Paul Bufano

BRONXVILLE, N.Y. – Serious crimes in Bronxville were down in 2012 compared to 2011, even though violations more than doubled, according to Bronxville Police Department statistics.

In 2012, 18 felonies were reported, down from 26 in 2011, a 31 percent decrease. In the same period, misdemeanor crimes dropped from 78 to 71, a 9 percent decrease. The number of warrant arrests decreased from three to two. However, violations rose from eight to 17, an increase of 113 percent.

The Bronxville Police Department declined to comment on the figures despite several phone calls and emails.

Crime has been consistently low in Bronxville, and that's entirely because of the Police Department's tireless work ethic, said Bronxville Mayor Mary Marvin.

"The thing we're doing that I love is training more youth officers," Marvin said. "We're having the officers get to know the residents better so when there's a situation, everyone knows each other. I wish we had more money, because I'd love to have a steady foot patrol officer. Nevertheless, I think our officers are doing a great job with keeping crime down and the community safe."

Aside from crime, citations for traffic violations climbed by 4 percent, while parking violations decreased 5 percent in 2012. Police issued 1,848 traffic tickets in 2012, compared to 1,776 in 2011. Parking violations declined to 27,226 in 2012 from 28,519 in 2011.

Bronxville resident Marjorie Mir said she's never had to deal with the police since living in Bronxville.

"Because there's very little crime in Bronxville, there's really not much to say," Mir said. "I've never been attacked, and I've never had anything stolen from me. I guess this says the Police Department is doing its job and keeping the criminals out of here. I feel very safe walking around here day or night, so if this is the case, I'm happy to know it."

Harry Pagious, 52, said that being able to keep crime so low is a remarkable thing in today's society.

"It's tragic that we have to talk about crime so much, but it's necessary considering events like school shootings," Pagious said. "Bronxville seriously had 18 felonies and 17 violations this past year? Those are low numbers even for a small community. All you can do is just hope that things don't change, and that this always remains a safe place to live."

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