Poll: Should Eastchester Ban Big Chain Restaurants?

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Fast food chains won't be making their way to Eastchester anytime soon.
Fast food chains won't be making their way to Eastchester anytime soon.

EASTCHESTER, N.Y. – Officials in Eastchester recently announced that they amended the town’s zoning code to ban big chain restaurants with more than 15 locations.


Should Eastchester Be Able To Ban Big Chain Restaurants?

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Should Eastchester Be Able To Ban Big Chain Restaurants?

  • Yes, it would change the landscape of the town.

  • No, who do they think they are?

  • I'm indifferent. I can go one town over to get my burger.

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Residents looking to get a burger from McDonald’s or a sandwich from Quiznos are going to have to go to one of the neighboring towns in Yonkers, Mount Vernon or White Plains. The town is also banning hybrid “quick casual” restaurants.

Town Supervisor Anthony Colavita was a guest on the FOX5 morning show to discuss the decision.

“Generally speaking, you have a corporate driven architecture, milled décor and a plastic bubble menu,” he said. “It generates a lot of noise, excessive pedestrian and vehicular traffic and diminishes the character of a community.”

Colavita said that he has the support from most of the community, but that there are always going to be detractors on the opposite side of the fence. Resident Lucy Paul said that she agreed with the town’s decision.

“I like our town just the way it is, we don’t need to bring in those big companies,” she said. “We have plenty of great local restaurants, we don’t need to cheapen ourselves with big chains.”

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Comments (5)

I am no McDonalds fan but I believe it's hard to implement this banning issues. As like McDonalds has been a popular food merchandiser in town. It is not that easy to wipe them away. Somewhere, somehow people loved them. As we eat their burgers and fries we are attach to its trademark. Though their products are not that healthy to feed our body yet they make fulfill our needs and pleasure for dining in. Competition is the issue here, fast food vs. restaurants. Can you see that? Total elimination would not be the answer. McDonalds still improve their services and bringing savory foods that every customer wants. Actually, they have this secret menus like Monster Mac, featuring eight all-beef patties that will haunt you to eat it. I've just read it here

I am a new resident here. This ban seems rather anachronistic. First, there is a pretty large shopping center that attracts traffic already. Adding some decent dining options to an already established shopping center just seems logical. Furthermore, I doubt most mom and pop restaurants could afford the rental costs at Vernon Hills. Second, gone are the days of being limited to such chains as McDonalds. Cosi, Chipotle, The Counter, SmashBurger and even Panera Bread are chains that offer healthy options and menus that reflect today's dining preferences. Finally, additional tax revenue and increased property values seem to be issues that everyone can rally around and ones that could benefit from permitting a particular caliber of chain dining. The fact that this article uses McDonalds and Quiznos as its point of reference demonstrates an unenlightened view of how far "chains" have come.

The town looks like a dump. You cannot compare Eatchester to Bronxville, Scarsdale, Rye or any other town. 2 gas stations, a hundred Italian restaurants, a thousand hair salons and ten bakeries. Nice job Colavita. A McDonald's might add some charm actually. Who are you kidding?

Not a fan of banning as broadly as stated. Huge difference between a McD and Cosi type sandwich shop. Also, huge difference between Bronxville and Eastchester --- ride down rt 22. Nothing quaint about it unless you think Value Drugs, Walgreens, CVS, a tire shop, and a bunch of gas stations and supermarkets are quaint! Personally, I don't eat fast food but I wouldn't want to own real estate where my options to generate income were so limited.

I don't understand the difference between, having a McDonald's and having a Duncan Donuts, which we have in town. Why is Duncan Donuts also a chain, and not a McDonalds?