Metro-North's Problems Go National In Newsweek Article

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Metro-North's recent trials and tribulations have taken up a lot of the local media spotlight over the last year, but now Newsweek, has put the beleaguered commuter railroad in the national news.

The article's primary focus is on the myriad problems facing the New Haven Line, but points out problems that any Westchester County commuter can relate to, including overflowing bathrooms, dirty floors, old and outdated equipment, and unheated passenger cars, according to Newsweek. 

One commuter told Newsweek that "hitchhiking a ride to work with a serial killer seems like a more pleasant way to travel than commuting another day with Metro North."

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Comments (5)

Ironic. Just before I read this article about our loathsome Metronorth I finished the article on how we are the most expensive county in the USA to live in. And Gov. Andrew Cuomo has done what to help us? Oh, that's right. He was in charge of HUD when they began marketing high risk mortgages with a vengeance and now his alma mater - HUD - is trying to force on us "its" idea of who should live in what neighborhood in Westchester County. So how can we expect Governor HUD to fix the mess we are in? How do we get rid of this a***ole and fix New York? My family has lived here since the Civil War but lately, I've been giving serious thought to bailing out.

The Harlem line is running at least 10 minutes late every day, regardless of weather. Today they cancelled the 7:37, and the train before arrived 10 minutes late and packed to the gills. It took me 25 minutes to get on a train. I agree with WPEyesNEars, MNR is fudging the numbers. Maybe if commuters kept their tickets in their pockets they might pay attention.

Automation anyone?

I can't understand why every single train I've been on in the past 6 months is late (morning rush hour). A 55 minute ride from MT Kisco to GCT is now 75 minutes. Every day. Never any anouncements. Never any explanations. The trains just slow to a crawl. Then they stop. They used to be good. And I said as much when it wsa true. But that was a very long time ago. What happened?

They've added more trains during OFF peak times to bolster their on-time "ratings", which are horrible. It used to be "switch problems" when it was cold. Then it was equipment trouble in the heat. It seems that they can only operate when it is sunny and 70° out. The cars and the seats are filthy - look at the crud on the headrests. Yuck! There's never any seats during rush hour; and because they've added trains, the tracks are more congested, forcing them all to crawl from station to station. It must be time for a fare increase, no?