Man Shot In Leg In Yonkers, Expected To Survive

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YONKERS, N.Y. -- An unidentified black male was shot in the leg at around 3:54 p.m. Monday at the intersection of Palisades Avenue and Elm Street, police officials said.

The victim is expected to survive, according to Detectve Lieutenant Patrick McCormack.

"Police are at the scene investigating now," he said. 

The victim was wearing a black hoodie, police said.

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Comments (3)

Because of the police activity my bus was delayed over twenty minutes. I take a No. 9, which only runs once an hour, and when it didn't show up, I walked several blocks to where I could get a No. 2. Those buses (which run much more frequently) were late too. I kind of thought something like this might be the cause. The operator on the No. 2 told me he didn't know what happened, but the buses got stuck on Palisades Avenue because police had the street blocked.

With all due respect, what is wrong with this picture, this journalism. What has happened to you Daily Voice? Why does this story make it sound as though the victim is another "perp". Even the police, when writing to the community through their community alerts wrote of him as an area resident.

" An 18 year old male area resident related that on 01-11-14 at approximately 3:48 p.m."

It was an attempted mugging and you make it sound as though a gunfight could have broken out at any minute. Either you write a story or you don't

What difference does it make what the victim wore. Disappointed yet again

Thanks for your input. At the time this alert was written, this was the information that was known about the incident. Check back for more updates this afternoon.