County Board Calls For Strict Review Process Of Proposed Pipeline

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Legislators discuss a proposed resolution calling for a strict review of the Spectra pipeline.
Legislators discuss a proposed resolution calling for a strict review of the Spectra pipeline. Photo Credit: Sam Barron
An example of what the proposed pipeline would look like.
An example of what the proposed pipeline would look like. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Erica Mills

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- Westchester County legislators want to ensure a proposed pipeline that would run into Peekskill, Cortlandt and Yorktown is totally safe.

Legislators voted 15-1 to call for a full risk assessment of the proposed Spectra pipeline. 

The 42-inch Spectra Algonquin gas pipeline would replace a previous 26-inch pipeline that has existed for 60 years. The pipeline, which is subject to approval by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, would run across the Hudson River and into Peekskill, Cortlandt, and Yorktown.

The town of Cortlandt has already expressed opposition to the pipeline, concerned about its placement 450 feet from Buchanan-Verplanck Elementary School.

Legislators expressed concern about the pipeline's location in a large population area and its proximity to Indian Point. 

“Our first concern must be for the protection of our residents and the environment,” said board Chairman Michael Kaplowitz (D-Somers). “This resolution embodies important safety and environmental standards that must be upheld before permission is granted to construct the pipeline.”

Legislators said they were concerned a report submitted by Spectra does not reflect emissions from compressor stations, which have been associated with health problems.

“We’re asking all federal and state agencies involved with this process to make the health and safety of residents, workers and all other stakeholders their top priority,” said Majority Leader Catherine Borgia (D-Ossining). “We agree that meeting our region’s energy needs is a priority for further economic development, but the review, permitting, and approval process must be stringent to ensure environmental and safety concerns are addressed and needed mitigation plans are in place.”

Legislator John Testa (R-Peekskill) said he was happy to support the resolution.

"If this project moves forward, it must be done in a safe way," Testa said. "We are very concerned for the safety and well being of our citizens."

Susan McDonnell, a Cortlandt resident, expressed her support for the resolution.

"These chemicals will not be good for people," McDonnell said. "It's very important people are aware of what Spectra is planning. People have no idea this is going on."

Legislator Michael Smith cast the lone vote against the resolution.

Smith said he is sure Spectra will do the right thing and that he has seen local governments put businesses through hoops of due diligence and force them to spend money when they have no intention of approving a project,
He said if the board does not want this pipeline going through, lit should be honest and say so upfront. 

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Good questions lovedog!

Wednesday, August 13, at 7 PM at Grace Luteran Church there will be a discussion of the ramifications to Yorktown Residents of the proposed pipeline expansion.
Come and learn what this means for you!!!!
Wednesday, August 13, at 7 PM at Grace Luteran Church adjacent to Route 6 and Curry-

Unfortunately, we in westchester are so isolated from these issues. really. The town leaders, corp executives etc, live in a lovely place, and many make sure that their areas are clear of environmental this is a big reason why we do not hear about spills, water contamination, farm contamination, etc. usually these are prevalent in rural areas. look into pennsylvania!

Good questions lovedog!

Good questions lovedog!

does the county and town have the right to know exactly what the chemicals are that are being transported. if so, that is key. what else will run through the gas lines? what is the beginning point? what are the chemicals at the compressor. how old is the compressor. will that be changed too? Has this company ever been sited by EPA and DEp or any other gov't agency before?What does ny law say about how far a pipeline and compressor can be from 'civilians'? what happens to the old pipeline? its removal and safety to water?

At the Peekskill City Council Meeting, these questions were left unanswered. What was answered clearly is that the Pipeline doesn't serve our Community.

Pipelines dont serve the community. they are all connected by 'money' to the domino effects of other energy which i mean, they are hired as contractors. they are all connected. Unless you have an independent environmental group, you will never have all the information you want, and you will not know what else needs to be answered. Go on the IT and look into groups that are supportive of what you need, and make sure they are not supported by the Energy Companies themselves!!

good questions lovedog

How much more should we in Cortlandt have to deal with. Indian Point, the waste treatment plant? Find another location

Smith said "He is sure Spectra will do the right thing"
How does he know that????
Why isn't the County Board opposing this?

Is the "right thing" donating to Elected Officials who can approve this project?

you do not donate to officials, as frankly, one does not whose side they are on? the people, or the gas and energy people

Legislator Smith hits the nail on the head, AMEN.

Remember when County Executive Spano called to shut Indian Point, replace it with gas and then fighting the gas line.