Bronxville Adds More Permit Parking Space For Residents

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Bronxville Deputy Treasurer Peggy Conway has led the effort to make parking more efficient, and to create more parking opportunities for residents. Photo Credit: Paul Bufano

BRONXVILLE N.Y. - In an attempt to create more parking opportunities, Bronxville officials have designated space exclusively for residents and merchants.

The Maltby parking lot will now serve as prepaid permit parking space for residents and merchants. Officials have also revised the meters on Stone Place for those on the West Side who don't have prepaid permits, but still need parking.

The angled spaces that border the Maltby parking lot now have 12-hour meters at a rate of 50 cents per hour Monday through Friday, and $1.00 per hour on Saturday.

The parallel spaces on the north side of Stone Place now have two-hour meters at a rate of $1.00 per hour Monday through Saturday.

The meters in the Maltby parking lot have also been removed, said Bronxville Deputy Treasurer Peggy Conway.

"The spots in town that are hardest-pressed for parking are the apartment buildings on the West Side," said Conway. "What we're doing makes sense because the Maltby lot was really the only place for residents to park. We are hoping that these changes will create additional parking for residents, and will in turn, enable us to continue our efforts."

Conway was hired a few months ago, in part to do a complete review of all parking ordinances, said Village Administrator Harry Porr.

“What we are trying to do is professionalize and further legalize our parking system,” said Porr. "These changes are the beginning of a complete review of parking in the village. Our first goal is to see if we are using parking to the best of our ability. Next, to see if more money can be raised in doing so. Finally, we will explore the possibility of electronic meters and related technology to best serve our residents.”

There's a lot of new parking technology out there that could possibly benefit the Village, said Conway.

“Some of these machines work on credit cards, and we don't have such capacities at the moment,” said Conway. “Also, our parking rates are too low to make such machines worth it. If these changes turn out to be successful, then we will try to make things more permanent. We hope that now that this is done, we'll look for more parking in the Village, as well.”

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Why are you trying to fool the publc about this parking meter issue. The true goal here is to raise money and that's what it's all about. On top of that are the many more summones that will be issued for the meter violations. Every city is doing what Bronxville is now doing. Parking is not the issue, taking advantage of the drivers is the ONLY issue, again.

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