Bronxville Businesses Donate To The Rockaways

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John Fogarty said it wasn't only Bronxville residents who donated for the relief effort, but also residents throughout Westchester. Photo Credit: Paul Bufano

BRONXVILLE, N.Y. - Many Bronxville residents considered themselves lucky in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, having only lost power. In an effort to help those who did not fare so well, several Bronxville businesses organized relief efforts.

JC Fogarty's bar and restaurant launched a Hurricane Sandy relief effort last week for victims in The Rockaways. The collection's success was thanks to Bronxville's generosity, said owner John Fogarty. 

"We collected many, many canned foods, but mostly baby foods and things for the young ones," said Fogarty. "When you do something like this it's not for any reason other than to help. We're fortunate that we didn't suffer any damage, but many others did. We came together and made a difference."

The amount of thought and care that so many people put into giving was truly amazing, said Fogarty's waitress Fioly Molina.

"It wasn't only the adults, but it was the kids that got to me," said Molina. "They were coming in here and asking what should they bring and where should they put it and it was just amazing. Knowing that we stepped up when it mattered most counts for a real lot."

Stephanie Filardi, co-owner of the Bronxville Wellness Sanctuary, said they originally collected goods for Long Beach, but it also ended up going to the Rockaways.

"We collected everything including toilet paper, blankets and water," said Filardi. "We wanted to do this for the families who were hit hardest and really needed the help. In total we probably collected around $400 worth of goods, and even gave money, too. We just wanted to make sure we could help out."

While Fogarty's current drive just ended, another will be started if people still need help down the line, said Fogarty.

"We've been in this community for years now, and just as how we have helped, we will continue to do so," said Fogarty. "It's just marvelous of what we've been able to do. Really help people out. I hope we don't get another storm like that anytime soon, but if so we'll be ready."

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